LGBTQ Religious Activism in the United States

One of my newest research projects focuses on LGBTQ activism within U.S. religions. Along with Golshan Golriz, I am currently co-editing a volume on LGBTQ Religious Activism. Orit Avishai, Golshan Golriz, Dawne Moon, and I also have a forthcoming article in Contexts discussing strategies and tactics that LGBTQ people use to bring about change within conservative religious communities. Please contact me if you would like copies of any of these articles.

Avishai, Orit, Jonathan S. Coley, Golshan Golriz, and Dawne Moon. 2024 (Forthcoming). “How LGBTQ+ People are Creating Change in their Faith Communities.” Contexts 23(1).

The general public tends to view religion as a source of oppression for LGBTQ+ people, but many socially conservative communities of faith are becoming more inclusive thanks to internal activism. We explore how LGBTQ+ people are drawing on religious teachings and practices to promote social change within their religious communities.