My name is Jonathan Coley. I completed my PhD in sociology at Vanderbilt University, and I am currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Monmouth College. I will join the Department of Sociology at Oklahoma State University this fall.

My research focuses on movements for minority-group inclusion in conservative settings. For example, my book Gay on God’s Campus (University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming in March 2018) examines LGBT activism at Christian colleges and universities, and an ongoing project examines civil rights movements in the Jim Crow South (with Larry Isaac, Dan Cornfield, Dennis Dickerson, and James Lawson).

I have also researched other progressive movements in conservative settings, including labor movements in the southern United States (with Larry Isaac, Quan Mai, and Anna Jacobs) and environmental policymaking in conservative legislatures (with David Hess and Quan Mai).

Interested readers can learn more about my research and teaching at the links above. For a full list of my published and working papers, please see my CV.